This advisory plan presents the social media strategy that contributes to the three pillars that Security Region Midden- en West Brabant stands for: 1. Stimulating a resilient society 2. Contributing to a safe living environment 3. Providing a helpful and decisive effort Social media can contribute to achieving organizational goals by driving online visibility, interaction and brand perception. The brand experience is enhanced by posts and personal contact through webcare, where the website and other forms of communication often offer little interaction, experience and engagement. The social media objectives are categorized based on three content pillars: - Concern communication: create engagement and visibility (what do we do (together) and work at). - Crisis communication: inform, mitigate damage and provide meaning during an incident (what to do when). - Risk communication: creating awareness (what can you do).

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While reading I noticed on page 8 a highlighted sentence, is this an officially released document? It is strange to see highlights like that in a public document.

This guideline appears to be from the Safety Region of Brabant, these kind of guidelines are usually updated every once in a while (or there’s a new release), do we want to update the guideline in the LCC now that it is almost 3 years old (pre-covid)?

I found a domain page (of Veiligheidsregio Brabant-Noord), documents here can be added to the LCC, other documents the LCC can formally request through here as well:

Cijfers en publicaties - Veiligheidsregio Brabant-Noord (

Preferably we should ask the Safety Region for an updated version. Currently the document is not available on the web