Research results

Research results could be renamed ‘Disaster Management Research Projects’ or only ‘Research Projects’

Information about the related projects one can find here

Under ‘ongoing projects’ and ‘finished projects’

I thought we mean by Research Results our own research results from LINKS and not from other projects.

The LINKS Research results would not be enough. They of course should be found here but as one of the sub-sections (can be more detailed than other projects where we may only mention the links and very short description of the overall aim)

Okay, I can imagine the idea to present LINKS results in a detailed way and to link other project research results briefly. But it highly overlaps with the potential section “Networks” of the LCC. Maybe we should extent the wording “Networks” to “Networks and related projects” and implement the brief descriptions of the overall aims into this section?

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One could place interesting projects here. One example from Germany

Interesting for LINKS: A team of media scientists from the University of Siegen led by Prof. Dr. Gebhard Rusch is first examining the communication of authorities, media and the population around the flood. This includes, on the one hand, communication in connection with the information situation up to the onset of the disaster, and on the other hand, communication over the course of the flood and finally for the subsequent period.

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