Practice examples

One should find here examples of living websites which provide information of the current risk related events (and also allow crowdsourcing)

EMSC (European Mediterranean Seismological Centre) provides real time earthquake information for seismic events with magnitude larger than 5 in the European Mediterranean area and larger than 7 in the rest of the world.
The public can provide testimonies and/or photos after experienced an earthquake either online or via an app ‘LASTQUAKE’


This type of information could perfectly fit under the “Helpful Resources” section, right? With practice examples we meant important information about real incidents/disasters in which social media and/or crowdsourcing has been effectively used.

I would prefer to combine the living ones with the past ones (reported ones) to keep it interesting to follow this section even if there are no recent reports available (currently they must be in English to be published here - mustn’t it)

I agree here. We have to think about if these two websites you mentioned if these are rather helpful resources or practice examples.

In my opinion, we should clearly distinguish between actual practice examples (real disasters and how social media was used) and helpful resources (websites, apps, …).

Furthermore … where do we find the reports ? The only source which I am thinking of would we the JRC at Ispra. They used to collect disaster reports many years ago … I do not know if they continue with such a databank.

We write them ourselves, that’s the point of this section :wink:
At least I’m not aware of any similar collections on how social media and crowdsourcing was used during actual disasters.

OK … good to hear that. I recommend that you write this as an introduction to that page

something like the following

‘In the course of the LINKS project we will collect examples of reports about the use of Social Media during disaster response or mitigation’

This makes clear that this section will be filled step by step with real results and not with mock-ups

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In this paper from Reuter (2018), there is a list of disaster reports where social media has been used. Fifteen years of social media in emergencies: A retrospective review and future directions for crisis Informatics

maybe worth to build on that/adapt

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I suggest to include text from
as examples for successful crowdsourcing
Examples are listed under CASE Studies