Members section

As subcategories one could mention here
Members of the LAC
( a list is available, but to publish the names require their consent; a letter will be sent to them this week)
Person interested in future cooperation
( this could contain those who are wishing to cooperate and have given their email-address in the survey, nevertheless their consent is also needed)

Here comes the link of the persons I have mentioned: LAC members should be listed by name and profile only. All marked green have given their consent.

Please find the initial draft of the member page here

Looks very nice. Can I edit this table - if needed ?

Certainly, just log in at the top right corner and you can update the table as needed

Hi Max,
How can someone become a member of the LAC? What is the process to express interest?

Hi Francesco,

to become member of the LAC one has to be invited. The wording in the LCC is misleading. What is meant is that one can easily become member of the Links Community. The members section will contain both type of members

@dinu I think we should probably establish a process for submitting applications to become an LAC member

The current number of LAC members is of course not fixed, but anyhow it should be limited because during the meetings every member should have the chance to take part in the discussion. Also for physical meetings we have only a limited budget for reimbursement of the travel expenses. The LAC member list should be a sub-section of the Member list. Other members are the ‘ordinary’ members , for example those who have stated their interest in the submitted survey response (Richard has the names)

Yes, we already got a lot of positive responses of people who are interested.

Thus they should be listed in the members section and are the early birds in the LINKS Community outside the consortium

A good idea for the members section. We can ask for that when we start to contact them after the survey.