Guidelines - comments

Filters of Guidelines should offer the 4 different phases of the disaster management cycle (Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery) and also the addressed target group(s). Also the differentiation of Social Media versus Crowdsourcing is important. The result table should at least show the covered management cycle phases, the acronyms for Social Media / Crowdsourcing and the available languages.

Thank you, we will check whether the guidelines can be sorted along these phases. We will let you know here when you can test this feature :slight_smile:

We have now implemented a basic version of the Guidelines overview, please find it here: List of Guidelines - LINKS Community Center Wiki

Thanks Max, I would prefer to see the language of the guideline rather than the targeted country in the table (if possible both)

Sure, please see the updated version

The publishing organisation would be important to me on the front page. It highly impact my interest for the guideline. Maybe we could think about it. What do you think?

While certainly a relevant information, we also have to keep in mind the space available. If we were to add the publishing organization to the front-page, we would probably have to remove one of the other columns.

Thats true indeed. Maybe we can try it. Additionally the number of pages could be worth to implement as a meta information.