Glossary - comment

The glossary section would only make sense if it would have multi-lingual results.
Instead one could list here ‘Networks & Projects’ which are seen as relevant for Disaster Management.
Input for such a section could be taken from

Thank you, such a “Related Networks” section could indeed be interesting. We’ll have to consider though whether this would be a replacement for the Glossar or a separate section.

The section could be subdivided in the different target groups one can find here

We have added a basic version of this networks overview here, please let us know what you think

I like it. Will there be a special button within the LCC ? Will there be other sub-divisions for national practitioner networks (starting point DE, DK, IT and NL). In the future more countries could be added

Sure, for now we started with this simple page but will extend it further in the future.

Do we know of other similar Glossaries in the field of Social Media and Crowdsourcing in Disaster Management which are already out there? Maybe we could incorporate them.