Flooding in Germany July 2021

Credit: European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery
Find a short description here: 2021 European floods - Wikipedia

I’d like to collect examples on how SMCS was used during these floods

There is a Facebook group being used to organize voluntary helpers: Hochwasser in AW - freiwillige Helfer

Apparently SAHANA is used as a platform/DCT to organize volunteer help (https://fluthilfe.rlp.de) by the official government agency.
I’ve also found this instance of Sharetribe for providing help offers and this site for crowd-organized transportation of volunteers into the region

I found an article on the potentially problematic consequences of using Social Media for this disaster: Ärger im Ahrtal: Fluthelden auf Besatzerkurs (in German)

Copernicus images are regularly posted and tweeted on SM. This is already an advice to include Copernicus in one’s own dissemination and communication strategy. In case a major long lasting event occurs one would have up-to-date information for the public