Disaster Communities Technologies - Comments

Filters of DCTs should offer the different communication needs from the Crisis Communication Matrix C2C, C2A, A2C and A2A and also the 4 different phases of the disaster management cycle (Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery). The result table should show the acronyms from the Crisis Communication Matrix , the information if its freeware or not, and the available languages

We are currently testing the filtering based on the Crisis Communication Matrix, you can see our current work-in-progress here: List of Disaster Community Technologies - LINKS Community Center Wiki

Thanks for this. Having in mind the limited space for the result table I suggest to delete the column with the URLs (via the hyperlink with the name of the DCT one can access the relevant webpage anyhow) Also the country column is not so interesting. With this one gain space for language, DMCycle and freeware/no freeware.

Thanks for your feedback, we now hide the columns Website and Country in the table.
We also added the Disaster Management Phases and the Crisis Communication Matrix